View Full Version : Regular Fast and Clean - Nordschleife Racing

06-07-2015, 13:15
I created a post in another section of the forum yesterday before realising i should've posted in here. (sorry mods)

I am based in the UK and keen to get a group of people together that are up for having a night of racing round the Nordschleife once a week or more if there is a demand for it. I've squandered many hours on this track in other games and I'm looking to try get a group of clean, fast racers that know this track inside out to have a competitive regular night of racing. I've lost count of the "pro" lobbies I've gone into for this track, spent 15 minutes qualifying to then either get punted off several times in the first section or have nobody in the lobby that knows the track well enough to compete.

If anyone is interested, comment underneath and I'll add you, or you can add me: BennyD22