View Full Version : My best moment yet on project cars......

06-07-2015, 21:55
Wife and kids in bed, so I've gone onto time trial mode, driving the lotus 72 at the circuit de la sarthe.......t300 rs with three pedals and manual shift.......sound cranked up to 11 through my Sony 2.0 earphones.....

20 minutes in and I'm lapping cleanly........

I've just got to comment on the noise!......the sound as I heel and toe down through four gears whilst braking is just mesmeric!......if anyone needed justification as to why old farts like me are a bit disappointed by modern F1 then here it is!.....

The modern cars are great, but this is down and dirty flies on your goggles motoring like I've not experienced on any other game or platform!........I was laughing out loud to myself I think, but I'm not sure, I'd never have heard it over the blaring engine!......

The ramblings of a sad old man perhaps, but well done SMS, you really nailed this one!.....

06-07-2015, 22:07
Glad to hear I'm not the only grinning ear to ear old fart :)

06-07-2015, 22:08
Sounds like you've been having some serious fun. You do know that's not allowed around these parts, right? ;)

I had a similar moment today. Not quite the sim experience you've got going on (I'm using a DS4 still) but I finished the race thinking, wow! I did a race with AI with a weather change part way through and for the first time (thanks v2.0) I could pit and carry on racing thanks to the AI doing the same. Door to door racing, the lead must have changed 15 times in 25 laps. This game is pretty damn phenomenal when it all goes to plan.

Keep up the good vibes, they might catch on!

06-07-2015, 22:23
McLaren F1 3hour event. I knew in advance that this won't end good. After missing all the apexes and visiting off track much too often I changed completely my way of braking and that was it. When I was keeping brakes hot the car was behaving very good. I was quickly closing few laps gap.
I didn't finish the event.
Felt too comfortable, overdriven one of the hops and crashed into barrier but the time I was in charge of the car was very, very pleasant.

Titzon Toast
06-07-2015, 23:00
I should have gone to bed ages ago, I'm up at stupid o clock in the morning for work but I don't care.
I couldn't put this game down tonight, it's spectacular.
The ffb, the sound, the graphics...

Roger Prynne
06-07-2015, 23:13
Just think how this old fart has felt for the last 3 1/2 years.... and I still grin from ear to ear every time I play this game.

Neil Hopwood
06-07-2015, 23:14
My two favorite moments:

We were running a multi-class league race at Road America. A few laps in I was running in third place in one of the LMP1 cars. I got a great exit out of the carousel, I head down to the kink and manage to take it flat out. As I get into the forest section I suddenly see the two other LMP1s ahead of me. They are fighting it out hard running side by side, I think they had been for a bit, because I'm coming up on them way too fast. Like approaching GT traffic fast. By the time I realize how quick I'm gaining I not going to be able to slow down in time. They are running side by side, but there is a reasonably wide gap between them. I go for it, somehow managing to make the pass without even scratching any of the cars. Such a great pass, wish I had it on video. Just wish I hadn't stuffed it into a wall at Canada Corner in shear surprise that the maneuver worked :)

The other one was way back in testing. We had turned the drafting effect up to about double to make sure it was actually working. We were running the superkarts around notIndianapolis. There were only a couple of us on track, but with the draft being so effective it was constant passing at full throttle. Just an absolute blast.