View Full Version : Pit stop: how to create a pit strategy on PC?

06-07-2015, 22:10

I need some guidance creating a pit strategy. I'll give a race example and maybe you guys can help me figure out how to perform a pit stop properly.

Using Xbox one controller
2 hour race (33 laps at Le Mans)
2 x tire wear
15x time scale (why only option to x by 5? Makes for odd amount of hours?)
Random weather (might rain)
I'll need to stop once for fuel and tire change as long as nothing else goes wrong.

During practice I created/saved a pit stop to change soft tires and fill fuel. Labeled it as "dry pit stop".
I created/saved another pit stop labeled "wet pit stop" to change for wet tires in case it rained.

About 10 laps in it rained and I used my button mapped for request pit stop, when I got to pit lane it gave me an option to edit "default" pit option. Apparently I didn't change the default to "dry pit stop". I couldn't figure out how to change my pit option using an Xbox one controller. I had to reach for my keyboard, pick "wet pit pit stop" and by then my car was already in the pit box with the pit crew waiting. Soon as I exited the menu they proceeded to change tires etc but they gave me the dry tires. I had to go another lap slowly I might add, then pit again and they finally put wets on.

My question is how do I change the pit strategy with the Xbox one controller? Either during the race or entering pit lane. And is there a better way I should have set up the pit strategy? I didn't see the option for change tire based on weather.

Any help is appreciated.