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07-07-2015, 05:51
Hi, great game/sim this... just love it =)
Wondering one thing, is it just me or is the AI faster than me when we ara going off track. It looks like they just go in like its a road and Im going slow like it should be.


07-07-2015, 11:59
Hi, see the known issues thread. AI is still being tweaked.

Ian Bell
07-07-2015, 13:13
They do slow a little most times.

07-07-2015, 15:07
I used to have a problem with this but realized if they got "sunk in the mud" like we did they would quickly fall behind based on the new AI tweaks. Since 2.0 I don't get hit nearly as much, in large part because they have more awareness and will go off track to avoid you in many instances... If they got dragged down to a halt you would never see them again, it's the lessor of evils.

Now an alternative could be having the AI react "red mist" and chase you down by allowing AI to exceed the base skill % for a period of time... But that doesn't help those already using 100% and others might scream foul and think there is rubber banding.

I was personally impressed with 2.0's update... The AI is harder, but far less inclined to hit you when they are behind the center point of your car... This has been my observation running half a season in the Clio's.

07-07-2015, 16:32
Yeah I've found they seem to slow a bit more if they're in the kitty litter , and after the patch I've had some stellar side by racing where one minute I'm holding the outside which in turn becomes the inside and I know he's still there so leave room and the Ai seem to be doing the same . Absofreakinlutely awesome thank you SMS .
Now let's throw in some random failures for the AI :cool: