View Full Version : Replays not showing accurate driving

07-07-2015, 06:30
I love project cars, first and foremost. But I was wondering if I'm the only one who notices that the replays are not showing accurately. For example, the gears on the dashboard sometimes show "N", or inaccurate gears at certain points. Even the driver fails to not change gears (showing the animation) and your left with the driver only steering. Whether it's paddle shifters, or a regular gear stick, its a hit and miss when it comes to gear changing in the replays. I love watching my replays and storing memorable races, but I think these glitches are still outstanding and need to be addressed. Thank you for the continued work SMS. Great game despite the few bugs which you are patching.

07-07-2015, 07:51
You are not the only one. It's a known issue, will be fixed later...

07-07-2015, 11:03
Yes, the replays have lots of small issues, but much potential. Even with the glitches I still enjoy watching them though. I ran a BMW M1 race in career invitational yesterday, and the replay of that race was the least glitchy I have ever seen in PCars, it was an absolute pleasure to watch.

07-07-2015, 12:36
I don't get that a group of people sat round a desk after weeks even months of QA and signed off that the replays were ok when they show different cars than what were raced plus there as smooth as a ball racing round a pachinko