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07-07-2015, 08:33
For a game that was claimed to be 99.9% complete this game has a lot of these "known issues".
Now, in the beginning I could actually play this, bearably. With every patch you produce I see more and more issues rather than less.

I installed your 2.0 and instantly had graphical glitches all over the place. Stuff not rendering properly etc. Another thing, the rear view mirror is practically useless because its going black all the time, its not rendering correctly at all now.
Why am I constantly hitting invisible objects all of a sudden?

I deleted the entire game, all of the save files, the lot. reinstalled, mirror is still busted but the track etc is looking better. I done 2 dry races with the BMW procar, AI is still the same, still hit an invisible object, my tires weren't warm after 4 laps, got the front 2 to heat up green for half a lap. Basically the car had no grip whatsoever. The AI is not governed by the laws of physics, dry, wet, oil or ice, they'll keep running the same way. Tire wear, its all over the place... In fact, I don't think theres a single aspect of this game or racing in it that doesn't have a "know issue".. For a game of this hype, thats a sad thing to say.

Also, I expect to have to set up my cars to get the best from them. I do not accept having to completely research and test continually to get my wheels feedback to feel right to drive a car. any car. I'll accept having to tweak force feedback a wee bit. There was absolutely nothing done in this respect.

Now, I'm a guy who has bought a PS4, wheel, playseat, pedals, gearstick... the lot. A considerable investment, all so I could enjoy this game and play with mates. The only thing I can do is run solo laps, its been this way since the first patch. (now with invisible obstacles to make it more enjoyable too)

If this game worked it'd be a good game, a great game in fact. Sadly I believe its fundamentally broken. Any fix is gonna knock on to something else. Even now, this game is not 99.9% complete, nowhere near... THAT WAS A LIE!

As it stands now, unless theres a miracle patch... I can't take the pain and frustration of playing this. Its absolutely impossible to enjoy.

On the up side, weather looks nice......

Ian Bell
07-07-2015, 08:37
Welcome back...

07-07-2015, 08:40
"welcome back", by implication that I've been here, posted before?

Think you have me confused with someone else mate.

Ian Bell
07-07-2015, 08:42
"welcome back", by implication that I've been here, posted before?

Think you have me confused with someone else mate.

I could pull up your earlier posts and they're one to one identical. The main mistake you made was the harping on about the 99.9% being A LIE!

Anyway, why don't you just flog it on ebay, life isn't worth this amount of hassle and annoyance for you.