View Full Version : Annoying glitch when entering JIP

07-07-2015, 10:52
When you leave one race and join another this first screen is the lobby, in the lobby it may say 10 laps but quite often this is the previous race settings.
I've joined quite a few races and set my fuel to those settings to find out the race is actually longer or shorter.
If there's only a few minutes left and you don't have time to look around and recheck the lobby your screwed as race length isn't mentioned again.

A few things that would make life easier.

When entering the lobby make sure it doesn't show old settings, also I'd like to see fixed data all displayed not this one page at a time stuff it's really irritating.
More info in the set up section ie track,distance and laps.
Also if time is really short and you go straight to qualifying and find your using more fuel than you thought you rush back to setting to make an adjustment just as the session ends and the garage closes and again your screwed.
I'd like to see a small window of time to adjust fuel or one final tweak of the settings after qualifying, right now there is a ten second countdown that could be 20-30 and allowing adjustment time.