View Full Version : Thrustmaster T100 - Post Patch 2.0 Settings

07-07-2015, 14:14
Iīve been struggling with t100 settings since i bought it.

Thereīs a lot of topics in the forum, but there is also a lot of confusion.

Since, PCARS Patch 2.0 fixed some t100 problems, we can start to build a base configuration.

As I know everyone has a personal preference, for the cars configs ( fx,fy,fz,Mz, SOP ) we can use Jack Spade 66% config parameters to sort out an optimum T100 setup.

My present settings:

Tire Force (75)
Per Wheel Movement (0)
Per Wheel Movement Squared (0)
Wheel Position Smoothing (0.04)

Deadzone Removal Range (0.00)
Deadzone Removal Falloff (0.01)

Linkage Scale (0.10)
Linkage Stiffness (1.00)
Linkage Damping (1.00)
Relative Adjust Gain (1.00)
Relative Adjust Bleed (0.10)
Relative Adjust Clamp (0.95)

Scoop Knee (0.0)
Scoop Reduction (0.0)

Soft Clipping Half Input (0)
Soft Clipping Full Output (0)

This is the best I got after severeal trials, but isnīt perfect.

Please share your settings.


07-07-2015, 15:04
Deadzone removale range seems way to low, the T100 isn't that sensitive.
Try to go up to 0.30 in little steps and test it again.