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07-07-2015, 18:27
Hi all,

Relative noob to this whole racing sim experience - having been raised on a diet of Gran Truismo's, Forza's and the odd F1 title.

I am really wanting to dedicate the time to this, and have trawled the forum and tried to read as many posts as possible - but being a bit of a late comer (only had the game a fortnight) I seem to be confusing myself and going in circles.

So a few questions (I'm on PS4 btw).

Pit strategy

I get that the car set up and pit strategy are (at the moment) independent of each other. But how comes the pit strategy only lets you set a max tire pressure of 2.0 (can't remember what minimum is, whilst the tuning set up offers greater variances?

Is there a way to schedule a stop at a specific point in the race - e.g. say lap 25 of a 50 lap race the pit board gets put out calling you in? Or do you have to go by tyre wear / fuel depletion?

How comes when setting a pit strategy, the fuel refill can only have a minimum of your initial tuning set up fuel load? e.g tuning set up has a fuel load of 50l, minimum fuel delivery at a pit stop is then 50l (so lets say you only need 75l of fuel to finish a race, your forced to take 100l in total)?

General questions

Since installing 2.0 patch on PS4, should I clear my save file and start a new career? Are there any settings which are 'hard saved' into the game despite the patch addressing some settings?

I seem to have zero comms on my pit radio during career. Is this right? Seems fine during a solo weekend or quick race.

Apologies if these have all been addressed before - I've read so many patch notes, comments and threads my heads spinning. And please don't take these questions / comments as a moan either. I appreciate the bug fixing will take some time and appreciate the effort and education being put in. If we want the rainbow, we have to put up with the rain:p

08-07-2015, 12:47
I also have similar question, I filled with enough fuel to take me to the end of the race without making a pit stop. I had an incident which required me make a pit stop for repairs; I started to modify the pit stop on the fly because i did not want any more fuel but only to repair damage, and I could not reduce fuel to "0" liters, only to a preset minimum. How do you get rid of this "minimum" limit?

08-07-2015, 15:11
everything you need to know my man, hopefully all will be fixed soon and we wont have to go through these pains.