View Full Version : Simulate Remainder of Session Bug

07-07-2015, 18:46
Hi guys,

I ran an LMP3 career qualifying the other day. Within a few laps I put down what I thought was a good time, and it placed me on pole. I decided to simulate the rest of the session, then found myself WAY down the order in final results.

I figured I jumped the gun and restarted the session. I bettered my time by a little bit, but the time would have still put me way down the grid based on the prior "simulated" results. I stuck it out and lapped for the rest of the session, and found the entire field qualified 3-4 seconds slower this time than they did during the "simulated" session.

07-07-2015, 21:56
Yeah, this happens to me too, but less frequently when I speed up the time progression from the pits after I set my fastest qualifying lap (rather than simulate the remainder of the session). The AI will sometimes magically set impossibly fast qualifying lap times when you try to rush the session. I think this is been a bug ("known issue") for a long time. I've seen others mention it here too.