View Full Version : [ANSWERED] Bug on the name in Career (******)

07-07-2015, 20:15
Hi, sorry for my poor English, I am Brazilian and my real name is Rodrigo de Paula.
In Career Mode whenever I write my surname (de Paula) it is replaced by (de *****).
This also occurs when I write Paul, Paulo or Pau (in first name or surnames).
It's quite strange to have the name "Rodrigo de *****".
Does anyone know if this is a bug or restriction of "Paul" name?

Umer Ahmad
07-07-2015, 20:41
Disable the Profanity filter in game options.

Bom dia

07-07-2015, 21:43
Thank you guy.
I did not know had this filter. Sorry, really I feel stupid for not thinking of it.