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08-07-2015, 03:06
Hi me and a few others hold races and keep points, we dont really do public because we like to chat,tune,practice and race. We use to be part of a racing team on gran turismo 5 and 6, however we moved on and its only 4 of us, right now we are doing monthly series and fill the empty slots with ai cpu. We keep track of eachothers points nd at the end of the series we have a winner lol then move on to a different car. We are nota league or racing team just a few guys who like to race. We make the most of it with a practice session then qualify and finally a race. We keep damage full force cockpit and keep it pretty much realistic, the ai is set on 100 so its tough, sometimes we place 16,15 and 14th lol but like i said we have a point system and it awards u for getting pole as well. We welcome new racers old racers from ages 24 an up we are all over 30 except 1 guy we have known for years (hes 20) anyways i figured there might be people out there who might be interested and if you are one of those people or want more info message me or send my psn id a friend request. If u miss races or have a tight schedule we will try to fit it in with when we race. We usually race or tune or whatever at the end of the day (usa time) around 6pmpt 9et. Im on a lot so if your interested my id is "sirjohnny79" this is only for ps4 gamers thanks for your time