View Full Version : Race this evening-Ginetta Juniors at Oulton Park Island

08-07-2015, 13:50
Hello all. Last night, I watched this race on ITV 4 and fell in love. The closest, gutsiest racing I've seen in a good while. To that end, I've decided to host this race in PC this evening.

Qualifying will be 30 Minutes. Race will be 8 Laps. Damage on, ABS allowed. Tyre wear at 5x (just to make it interesting) All other assists off. All cars identical.

Qualifying will start at 19.00 GMT (20.00 UTC) Race will follow immediately after that

The lobby will be called GINJUOPI

Please PM me if you're interested and I'll supply you with the password for the server. Clean racers only, please.

Almost forgot to mention. I normally race the AI at about 85% to give you an idea of my skill (or not) level :)

Hope to see you there! PC only, I'm afraid.



08-07-2015, 17:14
Due to the overwhelming response I've had to this thread (nothing at all) I'm still going to run the lobby, just not password protected. So if anyone is interested. I'll be Qualifying from 19.00 GMT at Oulton Park Island. See you there!