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08-07-2015, 17:57
I bought a USB numeric keyboard to map things like seat position, TC, ESP and ABS on/off and more.
I noticed for example that at keyboard numeric 8 that i assigned to adjust seat position down, when i press this the seat goes down but i am at the same time looking up. And the function Look up i have assigned to button up, not numeric 8.

Is there predefined settings that cannot be changed or what? It's no big deal, but it is a bit strange that you look up at the same time you adjust the seat position down.

edit: i found out that numeric key 4 is look left, 8 is up, 6 is right and 2 is down. But these functions is assigned to other keys so they shouldn't interfere when i press them with my own assignments.

hello spaceman
08-07-2015, 18:53
Came here to post this, but found your thread instead. I guess I saved the mods the trouble of merging yet another thread about the same problem.

But you're right. The game seems to have presets for the 2 4 8 6 buttons on the number pad that make the driver look around – likely carried over from the PC port code. Those with older computers will remember that those keys on the number pad were the original arrow keys, so these bindings kinda make sense.

However, they're pointless on the PS4.

08-07-2015, 18:56
Is a known issue. I started a thread so people can share which KB are working or not...