View Full Version : T300rs Sequential Shifter (built in wires)

09-07-2015, 14:40
So i've been reading and looking around at t300 mods of different sorts and found that the t300 has prewired built in sequential shifter wires. I was wondering if anyone on ps4 has tried to wire these separate for a sequential shifter. Im wondering if its possible to add aftermarket shifter on console that is not a thrustmaster?


09-07-2015, 16:31
There's the TH8A and its a very well built shifter, no reason to go through all the trouble and risk spoiling the wheel to add 3rd party support.

09-07-2015, 16:54
no trouble, the wires are already there. Just need to make sure a 3rd party sequential will work. I would like a proper sequential as I have no need for a 6 speed.