View Full Version : MSI GTX 970 ?

10-07-2015, 11:00
Hi Guys ...

Will one MSI GTX970 run Pcars at reasonable settings ?

I`m using 2 R9 290`s and am sick of the stuttering and frame rate fluctuating all the time , I plan to run 2 GTX 970`s but for now I only have one ...


10-07-2015, 11:06
From own experience (not an MSI model though) I can say yes. With a GTX970 your CPU will be the bottleneck (especially with only 3.6 mhz :glee:).

Henrique Clausing
10-07-2015, 11:19
I have "just" one GTX970 (but it's from eVGA) and I really satisfied with the results. Playing with 60 fps. Just on starting grid, it downs to 55~56 (clean weather) and 45 (rain).

10-07-2015, 19:29
Nothing more to add, except you can't do anything wrong with an gtx970 (unless of course you could afford an 980 as well ;-) )

10-07-2015, 20:00
lol, good to hear , I will get another 970 to run in sli .....

11-07-2015, 05:45
Personally I'd wait to see the performance increase Windows 10 will bring to AMD hardware.

"For us it's ace. We're 20 plus percent faster on it (with AMD hardware in particular)." - Ian Bell

11-07-2015, 10:12
I've put one in just yesterday. Had to rearrange the drives to make it fit into my case. I wouldn't call that gfx card anymore, it's a gfx brick. I've yet to hear/see the fans spin and boy do games look sweet. I can't wipe that smile from my face.