View Full Version : TX & FFB setup after a spider. WHere to start for calibration?

11-07-2015, 04:32
I have a spider for XB1 and use controller for XB1 and PC. After playing for a few weeks I ended up building out a a new PC rig with GTX 960, I5, SSD, 16GB, TX FFB, 34" 1440P LG 21;9

They old non FFB spider I really liked felt immersed. I got good with both controller and wheel. On XB1 I was more consistent with wheel and felt great, since the spider didn't run on PC the old xbox 360 controller worked fine and felt pretty good. I was almost as fast and graphics are way better hence the build out.

The wheel is awesome with this game but I felt the FFB of controller was missing for sure. So I just got the TX. OMG it is powerful but so wonky. I no way is the FFB represntive of a real car at a 90 turn the wheel does like 180-720 spin backs to center ripping my wrist off, I am all over the road and can not maintain a line. I am not driving just fighting a motorized wheel. I am close to returning but figure give it a try again.

I get the power and can dial back but even then the motion and kick back and whipping is so exaggerated it is not right.

Calibration where I start seems off. I do the first wheel turn and rotate the wheel like 3x at 360 to get to 100 then the next one I rotate the same direction but 90 seems small I do it anyway to 90-902 number but it is about a 180-270 turn of the wheel to get 90 on the screen

then it whips back to center.

Then unlike the controller where FFB felt like bump strips when I cross, the TX I always feel like I am holding a vibrator that is buzzing all the time an bump strips it just vibrates and feels shaky in the housing not the wheel per-se overall just feels like a vibrating toy for no reason any turn of the wheel it is nothing on a small perfect line or buzzing and whipping back at 720 degrees for smallest change.