View Full Version : Audio Bug - Career BMW 320 Group 5 Campionship Race

12-07-2015, 18:13
There is a 3 race championship for this car in Career mode. For races 1 and 3 the sound was fine, but during Race 2 at Catalunya (short) the sound was like this:


The engine noise appeared muted compared to the other sound effects. Not sure if this is a one off, if I repeat the championship later on I'll let you know.

12-07-2015, 18:31
That sound issue has been reported before, it can happen with any car.

I was running the atom around the green hell and every time I would press on the throttle the engine sound would go quiet, when I would let off the throttle the engine sound would return to normal levels. And sometimes it would effect tire noises, sometimes it would effect other sound effects. And sometimes the engine sounds would be completely quiet.