View Full Version : CLIO CUP on XPLR

XPR ChicaiN
13-07-2015, 18:58
Head over to XPLR to sign up for one or both of the Clio Cup series being held at XPLR. There are US and UK based time slots with a continental championship at the end of season between UK and US. If you're looking for competitive, clean racing...this is your series. Hope to see you there.



xpr roadrunner
13-07-2015, 20:57
you doing this, Cain?

14-07-2015, 20:23
Im in for this my gt is HD DriftzZ
i race clean and dont troll and i am a car enthusias

Sorry aboit grammar

22-07-2015, 21:05
[QUOTE=xpr roadrunner;1045247]you doing this, Cain?[/QUOTE

yes he is, and we need more to join, I am signed up.

WIll be fun, head over and sign up

25-07-2015, 13:48
good first race 2 7th's which when looking at the list of sign ups i did not expect.

best thing for me about pcars is seeing ppl that used to smash me on forza in my rear view mirror,lol, well some of them anyway,lol