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13-07-2015, 23:18
Hi all,

I am creating a Formula B race night group. The purpose of this group is to host passworded events for drivers interested in the openwheel world of Project Cars. The races will consist of 10 lap, 15 lap and 25 lap races. Including weather changes and other great features.

Recently we have been running these in public but feel the need to go private and gather people who are interested.

So the racing will consist of.

10 minute practice at the start of the race.

15 minute qualifying.

10-15 lap race maybe more depending on time.

All drivers must respect each other and the rules of the track! Any found not doing this will be removed from the group and the friends lists.

Please message me in Steam or visit the steam page http://steamcommunity.com/groups/FormulaB



13-07-2015, 23:18

Our first race will be held this Thursday from 8pm!

15 minute qualifying followed by 15 laps!

14-07-2015, 09:40
Hi DeBug. 8pm? What time zone?

14-07-2015, 16:38
Sorry t-stang, it would be 8pm UK time.

Obviously the events will change every now and then, sometimes it will be later other it will be earlier :)

15-07-2015, 23:11
Just a reminder to all.... Our first race event will be tonight at 21:30 UK time. Please join the steam group for more info. Server password will be given there

17-07-2015, 01:06
Great racing tonight :) next will be up for Monday night at 21:30 UK time again! Please feel free to make it. Join our steam user group and enjoy the fun!

20-07-2015, 00:07
Just an update all the next Formula B race night will still be on tomorrow night :)

22-07-2015, 00:48
Race this Thursday 23rd from 21:30 UK time on Formula B :)