View Full Version : Devs: What goes into choosing a track?

14-07-2015, 05:21
I suppose this is an open question to the Dev team and I am asking it just out of sheer curiosity.

How do you decide what tracks to work on for the upcoming DLC? What factors in that decision for one track over another?
The example I have is for the upcoming Audi track pack containing Ruapuna Speedway.
Being a Kiwi, I'm really excited to be able to race a local track for the first time in a game.
But I am curious as to why Ruapuna was chosen over other tracks in New Zealand, such as Pukekohe, where both the Australian V8 Supercars have raced for years, or a track like Taupo, which was where A1 GP raced on it's New Zealand leg.

What factors are thought about when deciding on tracks?
Trying to look at it purely objectively, I can see that Ruapuna is possibly more suitable as it offers multiple variations when adding the one location, where as Pukekohe only has the one layout and Taupo only two (if I recall correctly)

Anyway, like I said, this is an open question to the Devs, but I guess everyone can speculate as to what goes in to the process of choosing a track.

Neil Hopwood
14-07-2015, 05:26
Ruapuna was the work of a WMD member named Mark Silcock.

He did a lot of work in helping aquire the license.