View Full Version : DFGT - Overheat or broken?

14-07-2015, 10:11
Hello guys,

a few days ago I noticed a small problem with my Driving Force GT.

When I fire up Project Cars and go for a ride, the FFB is strong as it should be. But this only lasts for one or two laps. After that, the FFB strength is slowly decreasing until it stays at around 40 % (at least feels like it).

This is bugging me a bit, since I want the FFB to maintain it's power, even after a 3 hour race. But as it is at the moment, I have to leave the wheel alone for at least 30 minutes to have the initial strength back. And then after a lap or two, the FFB strength is gone again. :mad:

Has someone else experienced something similar or even have a solution for it?

Ps: No, decreasing FFB overall strength isn't a solution for me.

14-07-2015, 13:10

I've never had cooling issues with my G25's, but they do get hot. However, my rig sits under a ceiling fan, so that helps some as well. I've heard of people having cooling issues with all of the Logitech wheels over the years. You can find several videos like the one above about people adding fans to them. I'm not sure if that's something you want to try or not.

14-07-2015, 13:35
Maybe I'll open the plastic case and remove possible dust / cat hairs from the inside in the first step. I hope this will help a bit at least. Having active cooling on my wheel isn't really what I want to do...

14-07-2015, 17:20
It could be the brushes are worn, so it could be the motor. I replaced it with this one at amazon (http://www.amazon.com/3000RPM-Torque-Cylinder-Electric-Motor/dp/B00FZSEY4K/ref=sr_1_9?s=industrial&ie=UTF8&qid=1436894296&sr=1-9&keywords=24v+dc+electric+motor&pebp=1436894324951&perid=087ATEHS1V49NRFXXN8D). It is not the best at high torque, but it will keep the DFGT working under normal ffb conditions!

Edit: Dremel tool cut the shaft and for D cut, reverse pos and neg.