View Full Version : Restoring game progress

14-07-2015, 17:38
Apologies if this has been covered but I couldn't find anything that resembled my issue which is...

I had to uninstall Steam and reinstall it as I had issues with getting 3d mark to run correctly. This is now fixed but Steam has my career progress recorded but P Cars has no career mode for me. P Cars was installed online rather than DVD.

What have I missed???


Roger Prynne
14-07-2015, 17:49
When you say that you have no career mode in pCARS, do you mean there is literary no career mode.

If you mean that all your career progress is lost then I'm afraid you won't get it back, so next time backup this file......

Wherever Steam is installed\Steam\userdata\<your Steam ID>\234630\local\project cars\profiles\default.sav
That has everything in it that you need to backup...... including controller/wheel settings, career progress, car setups etc.

14-07-2015, 18:12
Thanks for the quick reply, P Cars has no career progress for me but it is available.
I did back up through Steam but I had been having trouble with a non default save location in the past so I'm not sure if I'd be able to recover the required data from there.

If it's gone then it's not too much of a disaster, I wasn't too far in. It won't be dull recovering progress either, it's a great game! :-)