View Full Version : Try these fanatec gt3rs v2 ffb settings NOW!!!!

15-07-2015, 04:13
OK, I've had my fanatec gt3rs v2 about a week now and after hours of tweaking i think i have this right, for 1 car any way(will start work on more soon) all these settings need to be set as written(may need to push curser all the way right then back for some increments)
note: i did not calibrate wheel or pedals
wheel settings: sen; off, ff: 100, sho: 000, dri: off, abs: off, lin: 000, dea: 000, spr: off, dpr: off

Options: Options & Help: Controls: (press R1) Configuration:
Steer DZ: 0
steer sen: 50
speed sen: 0
contr filt sen: 0
damp sat: 0
ffb: 100
contr input: 3
adv: off

Options: Options & Help: Controls: (press R2) ffb calib:

Tire force: 74
per whl mov: -0.02
per whl mov sq: 0.04(104)
whl pos smth: 0.06
dz rem rng: 0
dz rem fall off: 0
link scl: 0
link stf: 1.0
link dmp: 1.0
rel adj gain: 1.10(110)
rel adj bld: 0.14
rel adj clmp: 0.96
scoop kn: 0.70
scoop red: 0.15
sft clip hlf input: 2.40
sft clip ful input: 0


master: 26
fx scl: 64.01
fy scl: 8.01
fz scl: 88.01
mz scl: 102.01
all smthing: 0 except fy: .10

Body & SoP:
body scl: 0.01
body long scl: 0.01
body stiff: 80
body damp: 54
SoP: 26
SoP lat: 80
SoP dif: 80
SoP damp: 0

had no idea my wheel could feel so responsive:D