View Full Version : Go automatically to menu during Race - also auto Pit-Stop & Wiper

15-07-2015, 14:05
During the Race (or practice, however) the game suddenly go automatically to the menu and also set-up at same time automatically a pit-stop call & set wiper on.

I am using the Thrustmaster T300rs GTE Wheel on my PC. I have the functions "Menu", "Pit-Stop" & "Wiper" mapped to 3 separate Buttons. The bug is always with the same 3 "ghostly pressed" Functions at the same time. During it happend, I have not pressed any Button, I am normaly racing as ever. This means I am steering with the wheel and using the pedals normaly.

I have this issue randomly, I cannot tell why this is happen, what I can say, I have this issue since the latest patch.

Does anyone have a solution for this problem?