View Full Version : career mode tyre selections (control tyres?)

15-07-2015, 18:12
why can i only choose from slicks or wets in car setup in gt5. If a racing class uses a CONTROLL TYRE COMPOUND why does it not state this is motorsport formats and regulations as this is a regulation for the class. Poor finish on a good game is starting to some up my project cars experence.

15-07-2015, 18:15
Sorry but I don't understand your issue. There's one slick compound and one wet compound for those cars available. So where's the problem?

15-07-2015, 18:24
then why can i choose from soft meduim or hard in pit stratergy. if thats the case i shouldnt have those options anywhere. very misleading and ive seen alot of post with people getting confused by this same thing in other classes. thats my issue its a class regultion and one sentence stating this wouldve been all it would take . but all in all it is a great game

15-07-2015, 18:27

They're working on a fix for this.

15-07-2015, 18:39
ahh ok. geus i would just like to sugest that if a class has what ive always heard refered to as a control tyre (one brand and/or compound for all cars) for that class that its states that in the the regulations. cheers