View Full Version : Graphic Glitches Suddenly

16-07-2015, 17:59
Hi, went to play Pcars today and I am suddenly getting graphical glitches. Can anyone shed any light?

If it helps, my set up:
i5 2500k (4.7 OC)
Asrock Z77 extreme 4
MSI 7950 3gb OC Boost edition

Nothing has changed since I last played a few days ago and all other games are working fine. I have checked the integrity of the games files through steam and everything checks out. It happens on every track.

Here are some pics of the glitches but they don't show how bad it can get. I will try to get some showing the worst but for now here is some for showing:


16-07-2015, 18:30
http://forum.projectcarsgame.com/showthread.php?34918-SOLVED-Anyone-knows-this-graphic-bug ;)

16-07-2015, 18:33
Turn off detailed grass. That should sort it for the moment.