View Full Version : [BUG REPORT] OverSaving Car Setup

17-07-2015, 05:06
Hi guys,

So, I've been playing PCars for a while and this bug is annoying me.

This bugs happens when i go to my garage and create some setup(To adjust FFB most of the times) for a specified car and apply it for all tracks.

After that, I choose to play career mode and pick a weekend event. So when the weekend starts, my setup is the same as created at the garage in the past moment as I expected, but, I have to change it a little bit to adapt for specific weekend conditions. BUT, when i save it and leave box to test it and after some laps return to change other things, all little changes that I've made before get lost, and the setup is the same as the garage. :confused:

Anymore else has the same problem ? Plz help me to solve that, for whose like to play career mode it's an anti-climax :(