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18-07-2015, 13:56
Thought it would be a good idea to just keep everything in one thread rather than creating new threads.

I'm planning to do a video for every free car and DLC packs that will come out in the future and when I can upload videos from pCARS 2 I will be doing that as well. Hope you like this stuff, I'm not the strongest commentator but I hope you'll bare with me :)

Took the Audi out for a little test drive @ SPA, nothing special, not even a timed lap, also a burnout/donut attempt!

Hope you enjoy this :)


23-07-2015, 12:00
Did a little test drive with all the new Audi's on all the Ruapuna layouts, took the 125cc kart out aswell.

Hope you guys enjoy this sloppy test drive :)