View Full Version : [SOLVED] my game wont get passed the first screen when i try to start it

18-07-2015, 20:23
disk drive makes strange sounds "only with project cars'' i deleted everything and reinstalled the game and still no change can anyone pls help

Roger Prynne
18-07-2015, 20:28
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18-07-2015, 20:54
Assuming that other disc based games work ok on your PS4 - could it be that the PCars disc is dirty? Might be worth a go cleaning it. If the PS4 identifies the disc as project cars when you insert it (it should jump to project cars on the home screen) then it's probably not a dirty disc.

Normally a drive making a noise in these sort of loading circumstances would indicate that the drive is looking for something (like a project cars disc) - hence why I wondered if perhaps it was a dirty disc.

18-07-2015, 21:05
i tryed other discs and they work and also i check the cd and it looks fine no scratches and if i put the project cars cd in the ps4 sees it as the game but as soon as i start the game it stays in the grey orange screen for a while and the i get a message that its corupted even when just deleted an reinstalled

18-07-2015, 21:40
finaly after deleting,installing,and rebooting a couple of times it works again XD dont know what went wrong but im glad i can race againXD

19-07-2015, 07:58
Dude, apparently you have some bad sectors in your PS4 hard drive. You just got lucky that the game now installed in error-free sectors.
You should consider checking and perhaps replacing your HDD. Is fully supported by Sony