View Full Version : Anyone lntrested in "Bathurst 1000" Events

19-07-2015, 08:28
Ariel Atom V8 or Supercharged Versus Gumpert Apollo S

This one came by the video posted above, And a few races with a gentleman (Apologies I've forgotten his psn gt) who was a similar pace to me. We each used one of the three cars mentioned, and although some races were not close finishes, all 3 races had fastest laps within 0.5sec of each other's.

-the format would be for each player to race one of each, likely teaming up with another player to keep the field evenly split between the 2 makes.
-the 2 races would last around 1hr each. So @25 to 30 laps
-full damage to promote clean racing, especially the starting laps.

Also would like to gauge intrest in a 12hr production race at Bathurst. Including Cars that kick r's irl, like Bentley and the Mercedes Benz, of course the Rufs and etc. Another car (might need different category) could include the Sierra's.

This would be for drivers of average skill level (Not the WDC) but with clean driving record and be a person of good character too. We're after racecraft FTW So that means you wont win the race by rear ending the cars in front on the opening laps. I'm recommending that anyone who causes a penalty on another driver happily waits for the penalty to finish and for the car to resume the race in front of you. (*I will explain this more clearly in due course but im sure the gentleman& ladies racers will know what it means)
More info will be added in due course.