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19-07-2015, 22:35
Hey guys, first thread so please be easy ;)

Let me start by saying major props to the devs and community for creating such an awesome game. As far as I'm concerned, (with a console) this is as good as it gets.

Now, I searched a lot and found several threads about this topic but everyone had a different answer so I have some questions:

With the LATEST PATCH, when doing a race with mandatory tire changes, it seems like I'm a second per lap faster than AI before the tire change, but fall about a second per lap slower after the pit stop (no, I did not refuel). Now my question is, is this some sort of a tire pressure bug or am I setting my tire pressure incorrectly?

I currently race with the RUF GT3 and my Spa tire pressure settings at the beginning of the race were 1.95 front, 2.03 rear. Now during the pitstop, is it recommended to keep the same settings (1.95/2.03) or should I be increasing them to compensate for colder tires? I'm asking because the tire pressure bug was claimed to be fixed but my saved pit strategy settings for tire pressure are a lot higher then I saved them. Is that to compensate for cold tires or am i just experiencing a bug because this is driving me crazy.

22-07-2015, 03:50
I noticed this but in my case, even though "change tires" was checked, the crew did not change the tires, and I was slower once I got back to pace. Are your tires actually being changed? My DashMeterPro shows that mine were never changed!
I am running PC version 2.5

22-07-2015, 03:57
Are you putting the same compound tyre on?