View Full Version : [RWB racing] Looking for clean dedicated racers

20-07-2015, 00:13
The RWB race club are looking for members to join our steam community group and website.

RWB have been racing together through many games leading back to TOCA and so on. Moving from Grid Autosport, we now race most nights on Project cars. We're a UK based group of racers looking for clean, respectful drivers to join our online lobbies. We look for players to be mature and ready to enjoy the races.

With the members in our racing group we want to achieve closed room racing with friends only, who are sensible, respectful and drive safely! We also have a dedicated server now which has admins looking after it in the evenings. Any foul play we encourage players to report this to us through our steam group or forums.

On our website once signing up to it RWB members and non members will recieve invites to the regular events we have on Monday / Thursday and Friday nights, this is invited through our calendar system on our website. Also we have our own RWB league which we race on a Saturday night. The current league is coming to an end and a new one will be starting very soon!



See you in game :)

24-07-2015, 01:56
Have you got me down DeBug? I haven't heard much from you since the last Autosport comp.

26-07-2015, 23:11
Hey Murt, we're hopefully going to get a league together when we have enough active project cars members again

Looking at Saturday's bud!

31-07-2015, 01:19
Copy that. I am a free man this weekend :)

25-08-2015, 00:22
Dedicated server has come online :)

25-08-2015, 00:29
Congrats man. When are you starting up your new league?

27-08-2015, 00:41
League is up and ready to start for the 5th :)

05-09-2015, 11:45
Bump :) first league race starts tonight at 10:30pm

27-09-2015, 01:03

Made massive updates to the website today, apply to join page and league results are now on there :)

Including an events page which we can now invite signed up members to events!

03-10-2015, 18:48
looking at setting up a Formula B league on Friday nights as well as our current league on Saturday nights :)

04-10-2015, 16:48
There has been some top racing in the league race as well as nightly racing, all welcome to our server, look out on the server list for RWB Racing.

05-10-2015, 20:02
Monday club 10.30pm tonight, closed room random racing all clean racers welcome, contact through the Steam group.

05-10-2015, 20:33
Only an hour to go people!!

06-10-2015, 21:52
We will be trialling the Crew Chief App this week with tagged names if anyone has it?

07-10-2015, 21:15
Guys, can I join you for one of those test races? It would really help my work on the app if I can hear all the bugs first hand

07-10-2015, 21:32
yes of course you can, we are on now if you want to join we have skype on as well, whats your steam addy?

07-10-2015, 21:40
Doh, I can't make tonight. I'll be around tomorrow if that works for you guys? Or whenever you're next racing.

My steam name is mr_belowski.

It would really help me out if you could give me feedback on the app from this test race - id like to hear about anything immersion breaking or just plain wrong

07-10-2015, 21:42
Ok added, I've just set mine up, woohoo.

17-10-2015, 14:05
League race tonight boys! :D

14-11-2015, 19:15
only 2 more weeks of the league race... I'm kinda sad it's coming to an end! There's been some close racing this time!!!

Also I've added some new calendar events for next week.

Flying E
12-12-2016, 21:41
You are kidding, recruiting your bullshit team? Your member "Charger" plus a few others fuck every server up they are on, by crashing into everybody, daily! So do me a favor, and recruit your >clean dedicated< bullshit elsewhere! Disgusting!:mad:

RWB Sinoob
12-12-2016, 21:58
if you look into it the person ramming you is a wanker called "AMIK" using our Clean RWB name and he has it in for charger. we are clean and never ram. search his name on these forums you see loads about him. hes banned from here. hes had a steam ban thanks to charger and now hes back and using chargers name. Please get your facts right before having a go...

RWB Sinoob
12-12-2016, 21:59
also we barely touch pcars now only thursday nights. Automobilista is our main game now

13-12-2016, 15:25
You are kidding, recruiting your bullshit team? Your member "Charger" plus a few others fuck every server up they are on, by crashing into everybody, daily! So do me a favor, and recruit your >clean dedicated< bullshit elsewhere! Disgusting!:mad:

Check your facts buddy, that isn't me, my profile is open, if you searched these forums before you came on with your dirty mouth you may have found some facts relating to the rammer in question, just because he has my name doesn't mean it is me!