View Full Version : I think I've just encountered a bug.........

20-07-2015, 22:01
Been playing for a few hours when I've gone into time trial mode and the car has just sat there at start, no engine running.......wipers, lights and gears all ok, just no response from car........

F1 2015 ok, so I know pedals are ok.......

Return to p cars, car then working fine in a race situation........

Return to time trial mode and same problem with car not responding.......

Is it me?........

20-07-2015, 22:45
This happened to me once (in time trial), but I just exited and restarted, and it was fine. Hasn't happened since, but I've not had much time to play lately either.

20-07-2015, 22:50
It is definitely you. My advice would be cut back on drinking or make sure everything is plugged in.

TheReaper GT
20-07-2015, 23:00
Autostart engine is off in the game settings

Roger Prynne
20-07-2015, 23:07
^^^ One possibility.

21-07-2015, 02:12

21-07-2015, 06:40

Not a constructive response.

If people could take a moment to think before hitting Enter that would be great.

21-07-2015, 13:45
It made me laugh though!......

21-07-2015, 13:51

exactly what I mean, with the level online forum and society/ community has become. (descended to...zero productive answer...)

24-07-2015, 04:01
Sorry. You guys are right, the same exact thing happen to me.... I thought my PS4 was broken. :D

Roger Prynne
24-07-2015, 10:40
^^^ What do you mean "You guys are right" did you have Autostart Engine off?