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21-07-2015, 12:23
drive4cash - Daily streamed event with prize money

Hello guys! I got tired to public events so I decided to make some serious racing for all of us. I will just monitoring, recording and streaming races at http://www.twitch.tv/drive4cash

To make it even more interesting I will share prize money to event winners via paypal. Anyone can join to events, but when there's more than 15 players willing to join, I'll send invitations to better players first and after that to newbies. So be quick when you'll receive an invitation to the event!

To take part in races, please send a friend request to PSN: drive4cash

Broadcasts always start at 9pm GMT. Meaning that I start to send invitations right after that. Got any questions?

Event structures will change every evening (Location, Vehicles, Weather and so on). I try to make hard competitions on purpose, so be aware that there will be lottery on track and every player has a chance to win the race with pure luck.

First race starts today at 9pm GMT:

Prizepool: $10 for winning
Car Class: GT3
Identical Car: No
Location: Azure Circuit
Laps: 24
Practice: 10 mins
Qualifying: 15 mins
Warmup: 5 mins
Weather Slots: 4 (all random)
Weather Progression: 10x
Time Progression: 60x (night racing)
Force Interior View: Yes
Force Manual Gears: Off
Force Realistic Driving Aids: Yes
Damage: Full Damage
Mechanical Failures: Yes
Tire Wear: 7x
Fuel Usage: Real
Auto Start Engine: Yes
Flags & Penalties: On

Good Luck!

21-07-2015, 14:50
Just three people have sent friend request so far. We need at least couple more to get this started today. Otherwise we start tomorrow.

4 now.

21-07-2015, 18:16
the 4 weather slots of all random might throw people off. 4 weather slots on random at x10 means one lap will be dry then the next soaking wet then back to dry. maybe go from dry to wet instead?

21-07-2015, 21:12
Yea I know that very well. In x10 weather progression the weather changes every 6 minutes (if changes at all). So there will be almost 100% sure mix of dry/wet. But I think there will be about 3-4 stops during the race.

Unfortunately there was just two players willing to play tonight so todays event will be played tomorrow (if more players)