View Full Version : Curious: Icon pack cars available in MP even without having the DLC?

21-07-2015, 14:10
Short version: I just raced on a Bentley GT3 in a multiplayer server, without having the Icon Pack myself. Is this a "feature"?

Long version: out of curiosity, when I entered the server, I saw the white Bentley available and thought "interesting, never saw this one before, will try it to see how it performs", not knowing at the time that the Bentley is only available if you buy the Icon Pack DLC. After the race (the car is nice, btw) - I tried to start a local quick race to get some practice and - of course - the car wasn't available on my list.
Question is: when a host that owns the Icon Pack holds a race, all cars become available to users connecting to it?


21-07-2015, 14:24
Seems so, I read something similar in another thread (can't find it atm)

21-07-2015, 16:58
Shhhht, don't tell anybody!

TheReaper GT
21-07-2015, 17:01
That's why the car data is on the patches and the DLC just unlock them. If you are in a lobby and the host lock it to a DLC car, you can play. It's a very good thing. If the lobby is not locked you can't select DLC car though, as expected.

21-07-2015, 19:15
It's the same with the tracks too I think as earlier I got into a lobby with the ruapuna circuit even though I haven't purchased it

23-07-2015, 09:27
It's something that was back in the development too as at one stage, only certain members could drive the Nurburgring GP circuit. But if the lobby host has access to it, anyone who joined the lobby could race on it too regardless as to whether they were entitled and normally have access to it or not.

Looks like the same thing is happening with the DLC and its great. Providing the lobby host has access to the DLC, anyone who joins can race with the DLC content whether they have it not. It's a great way to test if you like the DLC content or not and decided whether or not to purchase it. Not that they're overly expensive, especially compared to some DLC of other games that I have purchased in the past, but it means that there is no split in the community and people can always race together. Use it as a a bit of a demo for the DLC's as it were. Very good decision by SMS too if this was an intended game design choice!