View Full Version : T500rs - How do I adjust wheel rotation limit?

22-07-2015, 00:17
Hey guys

With some cars its ok to have the full 1080 rotation but for other cars I want to lower it down.

is this possible? I cant seem to find it in the menu

also what rotation should I adjust to with class of cars?

22-07-2015, 06:09

22-07-2015, 06:30
You should set it to 900, pcars will then set soft limits per car.

Otherwise you have to reset the wheel every time you change the limit in the control panel.

22-07-2015, 19:35
ahh GREAT !

thanks for the info

just a few questions

- everytime I power up the wheel do I need to do this? cycling power resets to default 1080 mode?

- do I need to calibrate the wheel after? how does this work as the hardstop on the wheel is 1080?

- when it is in 900 mode are you saying project cars will AUTOMATICALLY switch angle of rotation depending on the car im driving? example sake the F1 car will have a very small angle, and something like a ford focus will have a higher one? this is all done internally in the game?

thank you !

22-07-2015, 19:56
Power cycling doesn't or shouldn't change the rotation.

You need to calibrate the wheel once, however the game considers the 500 a 900 degree wheel anyway.

And yes, so in an fa car then it sets the soft lock to 360 degrees, and a noemal road car 900. You can feel it if you stop and turn the wheel.