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22-07-2015, 02:33
Is it possible to add an option once in a multiplayer race to return to the multiplayer lobby where you're able to select cars? Currently the only way to change cars once you actually enter a session is to quit and re-join, but if you do that there's a possibility (guarantee if under 3 minutes prac/qual) that you won't be able to rejoin the session.

This is for playing in a public lobby while in a party. The game won't let a host select specific classes such as LMP1, only Prototype. But if you do select Prototype and want a race to be LMP2 or LMP900 only, there's nothing anyone can do if someone joins with an LMP1. Same goes for selecting LMP3 class and getting people choosing GT1X (why are they even in the same category?!).

22-07-2015, 06:48
The host can lock to the same car he is using but that is about all you can do to force people to use the same class (or a gentlemans agreement to stay in that class), the class selection does need to be expanded a bit.

Yeah ive accidentally selected whe wrong car (went to go change the car but accidentally pressed join instead) and was stuck using that car, unless I left the practice/qualifying and rejoined and selected the car I wanted to use.

22-07-2015, 09:15
I've had the same problem. Wanted to do a Group 5 race only, had 7 people in either the BMW or the Capri, one guy joins picks the Merc DTM, and wins.

I said great race to him, to which they agreed, Then I pointed out, that everyone else was in group 5. His reply........You should have locked it to one car.

Thats a great answer, only I wanted to have different cars on the track, but all in the same class. I guess winning is everything to some people.

If I joined a lobby, and everyone was in a particular type of car, I'd pick the same sort of thing. I wouldn't pick a 2014/2015 car to race against cars from the 80's or 90's, unless that was what the host wanted.

It would be great if some of the car classes could be split into proper competitive classes. Touring, is not enough, Escort Vs Merc DTM........its just silly.

22-07-2015, 16:56
Yeah, properly defining classes for multiplayer would be the best option, but it seems like more work for SMS than just adding a return to lobby button. Who knows, maybe I've got that backwards.