View Full Version : [ANSWERED] How can i upgrade Co-driver? ??

23-07-2015, 12:42
Hı all. Im playing le Mans 24 and my al driver is worst than me. In Grand Turismo there is co driver levels. When He got lots of practice his levels goes up. Is there anything like that? How can i get better co pilot. Thanks...

Umer Ahmad
23-07-2015, 13:29
Not possible. We do not have this in Project CARS. Everyone has the same "co-driver"

23-07-2015, 14:03
I had thought the level of you AI co-driver was determined by how you set the AI difficulty. I swear i remember reading that somewhere here posted by a WMD member.

Someone please correct me if im mistaken.

Roger Prynne
23-07-2015, 16:11
When you switch to an AI driver he is more than capable of winning the race and should fight tooth and nail to get there.

This is what we were told during testing anyway.