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23-07-2015, 16:30
Hi all.
Some of you might know me as that dude that did the pCars FFB WebApp which uses Jack Spades and Wootball files.

So, in my very little free time I started a new project, to manage championships with my friends. I wanted something simple and clutter free, and while there's quite a few things I still haven't had time to implement, I feel that is in a good start shape at the moment.

It has all the tracks for pCars already in, however I plan to extend this to other games (F1 2015 and FM5 should be there this weekend).

So what does this do?
It allows you to create a championship, set a specific number of tracks, laps per track, supporting events for each track (like for example qualification), keep track of the times and points.

You add drivers to your championship's roster by sharing a link that is available once a championship is created.

Also you can nominate any driver as a co-admin, in which he will be able to do anything apart from deleting or disabling the championship.

Not everyone will be allowed to create championships to start with, so after you register there's an option to make a request under the Manage Championships tab, so that I can allow it.

I am aware this is not the best system, but in short notice it was the best I could think of to prevent potential spam. I am however open to suggestions about this and anything else.

There's already one championship in there that is on going, so you can check how it looks.

A few things I want to implement in the coming weeks:
- A quick way to access championships the user is in
- Alert the admin(s) by email when someone joins a championship
- Control which email notifications are received
- Add track information for F1 2015 and Forza Motorsport 5
- Add supporting content to each track (like pictures of the race, videos, etc. These would have to be hosted somewhere, so it would really be a collection of links)

This one is something I'm still struggling with coming to a decision: having a communication platform per championship, kind of a mini forum. However not only would be time consuming, as it would probably go away from the simplicity I want. However, since this is for the community, if many ask for it I will look into it.

How to access it

I'm not planing on any kind of paywalls to access content, or anything of sorts. At the moment the servers I rent are enough to cope with this, and something else already pays for it.
That being said, if the community response to this is great that requests a proper platform for it to run, I might consider adding some google ads to the footer so it doesn't annoy anyone, or open donations. However, access to any features WILL NEVER be paid.
While this is not an issue now, I just want to be upfront about it so that 6 months or a year from now, if I say I need to add ads to the footer I don't get a backlash because I said today that this is free.