View Full Version : Xbox one arranging multiplayer events

24-07-2015, 16:41
A place to find people who are interested in racing you today. Just say what track you have in mind, which car you want to use, length of practice, qualifying and race, other conditions you feel are relevant and what time you want to start. Leave your Gamertag and enjoy some sweet clean racing!

My GT= DA BOBINATORR. Weather is suppose to suck in Holland tomorrow so I was thinking about racing on Bathurst with the Mclaren c 12 GT3. I'll let you know tomorrow what time I'll be on-line. Hopefully see u 2morrow.

25-07-2015, 13:40
Ok I iz gonna be on-line in 15 minutes. But instead of the Mclaren I would like to give the formula Rookie a try on Bathurst. 15 minute practice, 15 minute qualifying and 6 lap race. Add my black as.s and I will invite u..