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26-07-2015, 13:33
Hi all!
Im looking to recruit some racers to form a small racing team.
The Format will be as followes:
30min Practice
30min Qualifying
30lap Race

Real weather, Real assists, Car class to be decided...
There will be two races per week one on a Wednesday and one on a Saturday or Sunday night, both races to take place at 20:00 GMT

If we get enough interest there can be team points as well as individual points.

Only stipulation is that you want to have clean and consistent racing!!

If you are interested then let me know below, then i can add you on PSN :)

Hope to get some interest in this from like minded people.

26-07-2015, 23:39
Sounds like a good time to me, I'm in sig2828 is my psn

27-07-2015, 00:10
Sounds like a good time to me, I'm in sig2828 is my psn

That's great man! Got to start somewhere haven't we so first on the list :) I managed to put some structure in place today so have a look at www.butlerracing.co.uk and tell me what you think!

27-07-2015, 00:31
Looks good ! I got on yall's forum and made an account should I email to get the rules list ?