View Full Version : Xbox one downshift bug

26-07-2015, 17:23
Hi all . Apologies if this has been covered recently but would rather not spend most of my day trawling through forums . Anyway just to confirm that there is definitely an issue with the downshift on Xbox one , happened four times in one race today at oulten park in formula rookie .

I am using a controller with the gears mapped to x and a buttons . Otherwise am loving this and having some cracking races .

Keep up the great work SMS .

26-07-2015, 21:42
Still there on upshifts too when using the right stick.
Was there on release, cured in 1.3, back again in 2.0 just to remind us how lucky we were.

TheReaper GT
26-07-2015, 21:46
To me it was back on 1.4,now with 2.0 it is still there but a lot less. To me it happens more in the RUF gt3 and radicals.