View Full Version : [LAN] South West UK - Racing Games November 13th - 15th

27-07-2015, 21:03
Hi people,

I'm pretty new on the forums here but have been lurking away. We (me and a couple of mates) are planning a racing games LAN with the intention of a 'Race Weekend'. The majority of the racing will be on pcars but we'll probably mix it up with a few other games (wreckfest,rally etc).

It's going to be Friday 13th (oooooh) till the 15th, Sunday.

As of yet it's still very much in the planning phase with about 5 people confirmed and another 5 thinking about it. We'll be holding it in Somerset no more than a half hour from J25 on the M5 (Taunton), I still need to find a hall or something with an internet connection and decent local pub.

I think it's fair to charge a small fee for the first one (5) so people are a little more committed and we don't get people saying they will come and not turn up. Seats will be limited but I don't think we'll need to worry about that just yet :)

We have a private Steam group, if you would like to be added post you Steam ID or add me (Smelly Llama) and I will invite you to the group.

Cheers for reading


18-08-2015, 13:09
Hello all

We've just purchased a 48 port gigabit switch and have been playing around with dedicated servers, so the networking side of things should be nice and quick. We're looking into the best method of tracking lap times and racing statistics from the server, but fully intend on having all the data available and some prizes for the best racers and teams.

The steam group should also be public now, so if you're based in the SW and want to race with us either online or at the LAN, then please join away! :)