View Full Version : [DOWN] XBOX Live

29-07-2015, 20:30
OH DEAR Live is down again - would whomever is hacking them please stop as I can't get in a race - Thankyou;)

Dynomight Motorsports
30-07-2015, 01:09
Seems like XBL is down every other day. Especially according to the Xperts in the Technical Support Forums. I get the feeling MS needs to beef up their server infrastructure as XBL has been unstable since the release of XB1 or Project Cars at the very least.

30-07-2015, 05:33
Windows 10 was released. Probably contributed to the problem.

30-07-2015, 05:49
It was either a self inflicted DDoS or a DDoS by a group that wanted it to go down, or their servers was screwing up.

You can limit a DDoS effectiveness but can outright stop one.

A DDoS isnt like a Hack where tighter security can stop a hack, tighter security wont do anything to stop a DDoS.

Adding more server infrastructure will also limit a DDoS but again will not prevent one from happening, all a group needs to do is throw more bandwidth at it.

30-07-2015, 15:36
Sounds good - wish I understood what you're saying. And Nissan4ever - Yes
Next day and my 15 year old son just explained the ddos thing -