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29-07-2015, 23:43
SeeTheAir.com proudly presents the 3RD TOUR of


This exciting and popular league series at SeeTheAir.com is back and better than ever with a new 14 stage series to see who is the fastest and will claim the prize as Tour de Kart Champion. This series now has a new home on Project Cars and with the officials in the league, we can run this series in not 1, but potentially several rooms all going for the championship. Why? Le Tour de Kart is a time based series at STA where if you have the quickest time at the end of each scheduled event (3 stages per event), then you drive the yellow kart for the next event. There are 5 events in all with 3 stages per event.

Drivers will drive 125cc Shifter Kart for each stage. Starts will most likely be manual to even the odds for those starting in the back. At the start, drivers will pull up to the 1st starting position, side by side, and 1 kart deep, depending upon how much room is allowed. STA officials will start by way of a countdown and then IT'S ON!!!

As stated, we will most likely have multiple rooms to run each event during the week, which will be published later. This gives us multiple dates and times, which allows member the chance to run their fastest time. Members will only be able to run one event time per week. No duplicate chances per stage. STA Officials must be in attendance for each stage.

WE ARE CURRENTLY TAKING REGISTRATIONS FOR THE SERIES. Again, dates and time have not been published yet. Register here if you want to take part. You will be asked to register at SeeTheAir.com as well. CLICK HERE FOR EASY REGISTERING WITH THE WEBSITE. (http://www.seetheair.com/Register.html)

All STA rules are in effect, and excessive contact with other karts is prohibited.


Event #1: Time/ Date- Oct. 26th - Oct. 30th
1st Stage - Azure Coast (11.96 miles/ 95 turns) - Point to Point
2nd Stage - Willow Springs International Raceway (2.49 miles/ 9 turns) - 4 laps
3rd Stage - Brand Hatch GP (2.42 miles/ 9 turns) - 4 laps

Event #2: Time/ Date- Nov.2nd - Nov. 7th
4th stage - Brno (3.35 miles/ 14 turns) - 4 laps
5th stage - Bathurst (3.86 miles/ 23 turns) - 3 laps
6th stage - California Highway Reverse (12.83 miles/ 107 turns) - Point to Point

Event #3: Time/ Date- Nov. 9th - Nov. 14th
7th stage - Sonoma Raceway GP (2.51 miles/ 19 turns) - 4 laps
8th stage - California Highway Full (12.83 miles/ 107 turns) - Point to Point
9th stage - Snetterton 300 (2.96 miles/ 13 turns) - 3 laps

Event #4: Time/ Date- Nov.16th - Nov. 21st
10th stage - Cadwell GP (2.16 miles/ 11 turns) - 4 laps
11th stage - Nordschleife (12.94 miles/ 73 turns) - 1 lap
12th stage - Road America (4.04 miles/ 14 turns) - 3 laps

Event #5: Time/ Date- Nov. 30th - Dec. 5th
13th stage - Circuit des 24 Heures du Mans (8.46 miles/ 38 turns) - 2 laps
14th stage - Zolder (2.49 miles/ 10 turns) - 3 laps
15th stage - Azure Coast Westbound (11.97 miles/ 95 turns) - Point to Point

Vehicle - 125cc Shifter Kart
Weather - TBA
No Forced Restrictions
Damage - Visual Only
Mechanical Failures - NO
Tire Wear - OFF
Fuel usage - OFF
Flags & Penalties - OFF

Official Entry List-
1. Marimbakat (USA)
2. fingerbaeng72 (AUS)
3. redline2400 (USA)
4. diegolfca1979 (COL)
5. raeang (CAN)
6. VexedTechie (USA)
7. Ohh6Macauqe (CAN)

04-08-2015, 14:04
Bump Draft!!

NOTE: This series will not have a set date in which to set your times for each event stage. There will most likely be multiple days within a given week to run the 3 event stages on the schedule. So you will not be bound to run the 3 stages in an event week on just one set day.

25-08-2015, 14:24
Did some testing last night for this series and we will probably be holding off the start of the 3RD Tour until possibly another patch comes out to help fix the ghost course cutting penalties. Hit about 4 of them in the middle of the road on Azure Coast Reverse.

We are still taking interested members for this series. This will be the only series where you will not need a mic, which is otherwise required for racing at SeeTheAir.com. Drivers will be able to complete their weekly event races on just about any night during the week. This is a TIME TRIAL Series, and will begin when we have a full field of 16-25 drivers, and hopefully after the next patch that fixes these issues.

22-10-2015, 03:42
Bump draft

The tour starts all next week for the first leg. You have all week to take part in the first three tracks. No need to race others, just find an SeeTheAir.com Official (check out our site for a list of officials) to do your run. I will be on through the week, usually at night around 9pm estate in an open room to see who wants to run. If you want to be a part of SeeTheAir.com, visit our site and sign up.