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30-07-2015, 06:21
Hi Guys!

I hope it wasn't already discussed somewhere in the forum and I didn't found the correct thread.

Is it correct that I only can see tyre temperatures (inside/middle/ouside) while I'm driving and activate the telemetry-view?
Isn't there another way to see tyre temps and wear after a session by recorded data?

Anyway I would suggest to have race engineer more involved by giving ideas and hints for car setup. In real life he is the contact person for the driver and taking the decision for car setup. So why he is not giving (data-)input to the driver for car setup?

Is there a general weather forecast for the race weekend/session? At least the risk of rain should be given incl. a forecast when it will start raining to decide what setup is used and when to change tyres.

30-07-2015, 06:47
Yes, the telemetry can only be seen while driving. However, if you're on PC and have one of the second-screen apps, they can often record data and show all sorts of other stuff. If you're on console like me, you're SOL.

The race engineer thing doesn't exist by the looks of it and from what everyone says.

There is no risk of rain, however, it does show at the top the current conditions. In longer races, if the weather starts out fairly clear and somewhere in the race it starts to rain, the pit dude usually says something along the lines of "rain in the next 30 min". However, if that's career, depending on how you scaled the race from the actual length, it could be on the lap you're on. Hope that helps.

30-07-2015, 07:01
I really like to have better support from race engineer. There are so many thinks he has to help with: car setup (at least hints and opinions based on data he can see), information about competitors like gaps and how they are developing, weather forecast and what the others are doing and so on.
I think this part is neglect in all racing games but it can make a game much more realistic and help the driver.
For sure not all information are needed at all time (like hints for car setup is not needed during race).
In addition the infos given currently by race engineer often are wrong, as it seems like "scripted" and given without the complete picture. For example if you are the fastest on track for the whole race and you went off track, loosing some time, he will tell you there is a faster car behind you. In fact it is not faster (see lap times) it just caught up due to driven mistake and normally you will pull away quite soon.

For telemetry it sould be easy to have replay from free practise sessions with telemetry overlay and a slider to go fast forward and backward to find the values you are looking for.

30-07-2015, 07:28
It is scripted, but I think there is only so much that you can do. And in my experience, the pit engineer dude does inform you of the gaps. He tells me if my lap(s) were the fastest laps of the race, suggesting that I'm still pulling away. He tells me if my lap times are inconsistent, tells me if there will be rain, and tells me how far behind 2nd place is if I'm in first, and how far from the head of the pack I am if I'm in the middle. There is some race info, obviously not perfect. I'd like to see track temperatures, air temp, altitude, and other stuff, but hey, it's a good game.

And yeah, the lack of replay telemetry has been mentioned. One of the suggestions was to drive with the telemetry HUD on and just record it via the share button. You can view the clip at your leisure.

30-07-2015, 10:14
Yes it is a good game. One of the best I found since long time. Don't get me wrong. I'm playing racing games (sims) since Formula One Grand Prix on my Amiga.
There were good games like GTR (possibilities for car setup where amazing), or Forza Motorsport on xbox (FM5 was bullshit) or iRacing with its data recording in MES Atlas.
Now there is Assetto Corsa, FM6 will hopefully be better but pCars is still a very good game. I already infected some colleagues, but we all have one problem: lack of time!
One guy bought a complete new gaming PC equipment incl. steering wheel just for pCars. I'm working on my raceseat.
I have to add that we are working in professional Motorsports and be part of the race team. This explains the lack of time but as well some backround knowledge how it works on the track.
Again: pCars is a very good game, my comments are just to make it a litlebit better. Maybe it will be included pCars2?

Telemetry data would be a very good step. Maybe they can implement with an update or pCars2. For car setup it would be quite helpful.

10-08-2015, 05:39
with the upcoming patch to 3.0 the first steps are done:

Pitting, Tuning, Setups, Strategy
-Enhanced Setup and Pit Strategy system:
- - Players are now provided with information regarding current and upcoming weather, remaining session duration, and current track temperatures.
- - Players can now see in real time which tyre compounds they are currently using, what each tyre's pressure is, and how much each tyre is worn. Each individual wheel's tyre graphic will fade out from top to bottom to indicate the level of wear. The tyre temperature display on the HUD now uses a smooth colour gradient fade to more accurately indicate temperature changes and match the display on the Telemetry screen

I hope they will implement some kind of telemetry recording (maybe in replay mode)