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30-07-2015, 10:26
Reading all the posts here I find one of the most discussed topic is about the driving itself and the controllers.

Well, anyone here ever played GP Legends?
It was SO bloody hard to control the cars but it was one of the best sims ever done.


Speaking about Project Cars, who thinks that at the end it's just very hard as GPL was?

Be very gentle on your controls :)

John Hargreaves
30-07-2015, 10:35
Well, anyone here ever played GP Legends?

I'm sure one or two round here will remember it ;)

30-07-2015, 10:39
Hell yeah I remember it!, I used to play it (believe it or not) with a flight stick, as I was big time into Flight Sim way back then.

The Lotus 49 feels much like GP Legends did to me.

30-07-2015, 10:57
Yeah, that was a very hard game, played it a lot. Kudos to them who survived a Nordschleife race there...I always struggled to make a single lap in the beginning. Now pCars feels more natural and trickier for me than GPL.

30-07-2015, 11:36
I must say I played GPL not so much. I was a champion in F1GP and GPL was just impossibile with the keyboard. [the old times with A/Z/,/. ]

I found in PCars some kind of legacy of that game, like... "You wanna drive a 80s F1 car? Well, prepare yourself to be slapped in the face for every tiny mistake you make. Bet you can't do a complete lap!".
And this is very the frustration begins.
My idea is that you can spent days adjusting your control settings but it's more to learn ad improve your skills to drive those cars.
I remember no one said "GPL is broken/wrong/unplayble" and kinda feel like the same about PCars.

Maybe am I an old gamer?
Or do you feel PCars it's just ... "wrong"?

John Hargreaves
31-07-2015, 09:37
Take the Lotus 49 out around Watkins Glen and you will feel that GPL dna in its veins.

31-07-2015, 10:36
It was SO bloody hard to control the cars but it was one of the best sims ever done.

But how can it be one of the best sims ever done when controlling the cars was unrealistically hard? :)

31-07-2015, 10:42
It's simply legend
And yes it is hard. But it's one of the greatest piece of software that ever been made.

John Hargreaves
31-07-2015, 12:03
But how can it be one of the best sims ever done when controlling the cars was unrealistically hard? :)

Haven‘t played GPL in a while, and it always was quite hard at first (although a lot of that was to do with how good Jim Clarke and Graham Hill‘s AI were), but I remember going back to it a couple of years ago, after a few years of simracing experience inbetween, and thinking actually this isn‘t that bad and not nearly so hard as I remember from the first time around.
I think back in 1998 we hadn‘t seen anything like it before and it was soooo far ahead of anything it kind of took us all by surprise. I know that some of those involved did think it was unrealistically hard in places, and I wouldn‘t argue with that, but sim racing as we know it now barely even existed and a lot of folks were playing on 14" CRT monitors with keyboards. Once I moved up to my massive 17" CRT with a non ffb wheel bolted to my desk I was in heaven. Oh and that Ferrari engine sound. Happy days.

31-07-2015, 13:24
I bought for that game tge microsoft sidewinder ffb wheel and it was such an huge step forward. Even today the physics are great. But gpl was is only with wheel controllable. Indycar 2 was great too but gpl was for long years the sim benchmark for road racing until GTR2. Even today people play that game.

31-07-2015, 15:27
What a beautiful rendition of the old Spa. Would be wonderful to see that in PCars one day....

31-07-2015, 15:36
I love GTR2! Although I can't afford a wheel back then and the only option to drive accurately is by using the mouse as a steering wheel. But compare to pCars, AI there is way better than the AI of pCars with the current patch. I hope it gets better next update.