View Full Version : Ultimate solution to kick/ban

30-07-2015, 12:30
Get a life... soo many statements that don't make much sense

about kicking and banning...

"lets have SMS monitor the lobbies and get rid of the bad guys" do you really think that is necessary? really? "no one else uses the kick options" because you need to realize your angry irrational behavior also. when you see that you've voted to kick someone a thousand times and nobody else has voted, that should tell you something, if it doesn't, well all I can say is live and learn. "give us admin rights" be prepared to pay lots of monies. "well, that player I don't like won't go away" you won't go away either. get a private lobby and play with ones you do like, problems solved.

Stop trying to be game police you'll end up abusing privileges with ban authority. Hot-headed gamers need temper control discipline as well as the bad gamers. I don't endorse bad or non responsive players. But I too, don't support someone who are anxious to "kick" all the time, it spoils the game with too much irrationality. The tables will turn, and the bad ones have just as much right to start kicking the good ones out. I'd rather SMS to make the games than to be guarding the lobbies.

so go ahead send all the flaming comments so we can see who really needs discipline in the Project CARS lobby...