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30-07-2015, 14:16
Hey guys.

I've recently bought the Audi Ruapuna Track pack DLC (Xbox One) including the Audi. Then ran a few laps and was wondering, why I couldnt find the engine temperature on the cockpit Display. Theres no description of each tile, so you have to guess which tile shows what kind of data. Fuel, Fuel Consumtion, tire and brake temperatures are all there, except the engine oil and coolant temperatures. I have no idea where I can set my engine cooling to in the setup.

Another point that seems to be not working properly is the quattro system the R18 has. As far as I know it powers the front wheels by hybrid power at 120 km/h instead of adding it to the rear wheels. I've tested it on a straight line with telemetry open. The front wheels indicate no usage at all (yellow circle round each tire), while at the back it is pretty big. The electric motor seems to have about 100kw that add up to the diesel engine, but it goes all to the back. Slowly accelerating also indicates usage at the rear wheels, so if it would have "quattro", it should definitely be shown in the front. That's one advantage that's actually missing. See the next point:

Also it seems to quite underperform in comparison to the RWD and Marek LMP1. In general the RWD LMP1 seems to be overpowered. Will those cars ever be balanced?

30-07-2015, 14:27
The 120 km/h rule was removed starting from 2014 on so it can use all hybrid power at any speed.
just for info ;)

30-07-2015, 14:30
Yes, the car powers the front wheels in hybrid mode (hence quattro).
Not sure how it works in Project Cars.

Hybrid power gets applied, when throttle gets pressed more then 75%.

The RWD is not overpowered, at least I did not notice it. :)

03-08-2015, 10:30
No Feedback from the devs? I really want to know whether I am right and it's just rwd in the game instead of quattro.

The RWD sometimes in Leaderboard is 1-2secs faster on some tracks, while its equal to the others on the other tracks. Just check the steam leaderboard.

03-08-2015, 11:13
The front wheels should be powered, SMS uses this system also for other 4wd cars (hence the KERS symbol at the Audi R8 street car or the GTO, for example). Not sure, how this affects the tire forces shown in the telemetry screen though.

For more Infos about the cars and it's physics related to the game have a look here:


03-08-2015, 13:49
Gonna take a look at other AWD cars during acceleration. Yesterday I was testing the Audi again, to make sure I had enough KERS and again it did not show any usage of the front wheels on a straight line, while the rear indicated a maximum...

03-08-2015, 13:53
Does the telemetry show the R8 V10 and Evo as having drive on the front wheels?

04-08-2015, 12:43
Just tested it. Audi R8 V10 and Audi 90 quattro IMSA GTO: In the R8 its minimal, as the V10 is normally aspirated and doesn't have the kick in the low rpms. In the 90 quattro, you can see it pretty good, that the front wheels are driven too. But none is visible on the R18 e tron.